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CPK - Using Semantic Technologies to Access Cultural Heritage Through The Central Portal of Czech Libraries

Czech title:CPK - Využití sémantických technologií pro zpřístupnění kulturního dědictví prostřednictvím Centrálního portálu knihoven (CPK)
Reseach leader:Smrž Pavel
Team leaders:Dytrych Jaroslav, Otrusina Lubomír, Škoda Petr
Agency:Ministry of Culture Czech Republic
Keywords:discovery system; semantic technologies; library portal; full text indexing; bibliographic record deduplication
The main goal of this project is to establish Central Portal of Czech Libraries (CPK), which will run on the address: CPK will integrate information sources of various character - especially databases which describe or contain information about our cultural heritage or full texts, which are part of it.


2016Automatic classifier for CPK, software, 2016
Authors: Kurák Ondrej, Otrusina Lubomír, Smrž Pavel

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