Lecture Group INTE

International Students, all classes

Academic Year: 2017/2018   Term: Winter

Monxx ITWe ll G202VYPa ll G202IFJe ll C228IFJe el C228 
 PGPa ll E105 
Tuexx PGRe ll L314 TAMa ll E112 
Wedxx INCe ll L314INCe el L314IJAe ll G202PGRe cl O204IPKe ll C228 
Thuxx IALe ll C228IZUe ll G202 IJAe cl N105POVa ll D0207 
Frixx IELe ll A112ROBa ll G202ITUe ll A112ITUe cl N204
IELe le A112IELe ee A112 
 IZUe cl N105 IELe co L306 
Last modification: 2018-01-22

l - lecture, e - exercise, h - hw. laboratory, c - computer laboratory, z - exam, o - other
a - all weeks, e - even week, o - odd week, l - lecture weeks, s - single

IELeElectronics for Information Technology
IFJeFormal Languages and Compilers
IJAeJava Programming Language
INCeDigital Systems Design
IPKeComputer Communications and Networks
ITUeUser Interface Programming
ITWeWeb Design
IZUeFundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
PGPaAdvanced Computer Graphics (in English)
PGReComputer Graphics
POVaComputer Vision
TAMaApplication Development for Mobile Devices
VYPaCompiler Construction