Lecture Group INTE

International Students, all classes

Academic Year: 2017/2018   Term: Summer

Day: 2018-04-24, week 17. (odd)
Classes: 2018-02-05 - 2018-05-04

Monxx IDSe ls 2018-02-05 C228IMPe ll L306IPPe ll C228 
 MULe zs 2018-05-28 A113 
Tuexx IDSe zs 2018-05-22 C228 MULe zs 2018-05-22 D0207IDSe ll C228 
 IDSe zs 2018-05-15 C228 
Wedxx ROSa ll L306ROSa ol L306SLOa ll A112 
 VNVe zs 2018-05-30 A112 
Thuxx VNVe zs 2018-05-17 A112 IPZe ll L321 VNVe zs 2018-05-24 A112 
Frixx VIZa ll E104VNVe ll E104VIZa co N104MULe ll A112VNVe cl N205 
 MULe zs 2018-06-08 A112VNVe ls 2018-04-06 D0207 VIZa co N104 
 VIZa ls 2018-04-06 D0207 IDSe zs 2018-05-11 E104 
Last modification: 2018-04-11

l - lecture, e - exercise, h - hw. laboratory, c - computer laboratory, z - exam, o - other
a - all weeks, e - even week, o - odd week, l - lecture weeks, s - single

IDSeDatabase Systems
IMPeMicroprocessors and Embedded Systems
IPPePrinciples of Programming Languages
IPZePeripheral Devices
ROSaReal-Time Operating Systems
VIZaVisualization and CAD
VNVeHigh Performance Computations